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The first thing I want to make clear is that this is NOT a creepy pasta, but instead me telling you about my first Pokemon. If you want to leave now, see if I care. If you are curious about other people's first Pokemon, (I know I am) please do read this!
On 6/16/2011, the day I gained a true friendship that would last a life time, I was jumping and twirling to the car. On the ride home I tore through packaging galore, a grin crossing my face as a hint of creamy pink lured me into a state of pure joy, I went faster, plastic, cardboard, styrofoam, packaging paper, and some other sort of packaging I didn't know flew around in the back seat. I halted. A tiny, pink, laptop-like contraption  with a large camera in the corner sat in full view in the box in my lap. I slowly reached in and pulled it out, shaking with joy. I held it up high.

"You need to wait till we get home to play that." my Dad told me. "Why?" I whined. "Because you need to charge it." he replied. I groaned but put it down, but I couldn't help but stare.... A dsi..... no, MY dsi! Mine, all mine.

After a while I turned my attention to the game I would be playing on it. I tore through the tape, opened the box, took out a paper clip, and made a slit in the pesky plastic covering. Then I tore it away with little effort. I stared for a minute at the black dragon on the cover, then busted the case open with a loud click.

At that moment we pulled into the driveway. I grabbed all the things I needed and shot for the door like a torpedo. I slammed the door so hard I could have sworn the whole house would come down. I didn't slow down. I darted to an outlet and slipped my charger into my dsi, then into the wall. I pressed the power button, ignoring my Dad as he read the health and safety waring, then yanked out my game, staring at it for a few moments. Pokemon White Version. Typed in three different flashy fonts, with a beehive pattern in the background, and the Nintendo seal flashing gold at the bottom corner.

I slipped it in and started it up. After puzzling over getting past the title page, I selected new game and spammed through the seemingly endless dialog, then set my trainer status. Bang, I was in the over world.  Two random kids stood at each side, me in the middle. I had no clue what was going on and knew nothing about what I was doing. I flat down knew nothing about Pokemon itself at the time. All I knew was that I needed to get through even more dialog, so I spammed A. Next thing I knew, there was a cut scene of a present opening, then the were three Pokeballs and a Pig like thing was displayed. The text read "Who will you chose to travel with you?" I tapped a different Pokeball. Now an Otter with a shell on its stomach. I tapped the third one with low hopes. The other two had sucked. But when I saw the creature that beamed on my screen, I knew what I wanted. I pressed A. The text read "So you chose Snivy, the grass type Pokemon?" I was asked Yes or No. "YOU BETTER BELIEVE I DO!" I shouted happily, and selected yes. The other two kids fought over Tepig then I was asked if I wanted to give a nick name to my Snivy. I selected yes and thought for a minute then started tapping letters.

V... I... N... E... W... O... N... D... E... R...

It was perfect. Confirm. The screen faded and I swear just before he vanished, Vinewonder winked at me. After spamming through more dialog I was thrown into a battle against Cheren, who sent out his Tepig. After winning that through lots of confusion, it was Bianca's turn. She sent out her Oshawott. I lost horribly. I was then healed and told to come to the nearest town. I met Cheren and Bianca on the first route and I was given the tutorial on how to catch a Pokemon and 5 Pokeballs. Then I was chalanged to a contest to see who could catch the most Pokemon. After capturing a Lilipup, Patrat, and Purrloin, I quit because that was all that was there. Then I had to go to bed so I saved and left my dsi to charge.

That was then, and it's been almost 2 years sense I got that Snivy. Now...

Now Vinewonder is a Level 100 Serperior with maxed out stats and a boss move set. Armed with Aerial Ace, Frenzy plant, SolarBeam, and Hyper Beam, it's been 4 months sense Vinewonder lost a battle. Scope Lens in hand, the Serperior's scream like cry always makes me feel reassured, it seems to say "Don't worry." "Everything will be OK." "I am here" I am with you." "I won't let anything happen to you"
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If you like Randy Cunningham, join! If you like Pokemon, join! If you like both, join! We hope to bring you super bruce fan art and fan fics from both Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja and Pokemon!
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Randy Cunningham and Pokemon

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Hello fellow deviants! Enjoy yourself! This is no place for stress! You're always welcomed here! Come have the brucest time of your life with art you love! Because here, everyone's the ninja!

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(R) Hey Kate!
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Kate jumped and looked over her shoulder. "..Err, how do you know my name..?"
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